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Game development is a stressful process.  From coordinating with game designers and database developers to creating and implementing marketing plans, you as a game studio have a lot on your plate.  Oftentimes, games can get launched without a proper strategy for understanding and perfecting the user experience.  By working with us, you will be able to ingrain an empathetic understanding of your gamers’ behaviour into your game development process and craft a product that your gamers truly enjoy.


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We Help Game Studios Understand Their Gamers...

Game Usability Testing

We have helped game studios understand their users by using a variety of tools and methods.  Depending on your needs, we can reach out to our database of over 10,000 gamers for quantitative or qualitative usability studies to help you understand your gamers.  Our tools also include in person and remote testing, which can be used according to your game development timelines.

Gaming Events

We host a variety of fun and interactive events throughout the year to keep our gaming community engaged.  From our competitive gaming events with prizes to casual gaming events where the gaming community comes together to play old and new games, we are always looking to bring our gamers together.  Whether it be in person or online through our streams, we strive to connect gamers to the best gaming experiences all year round.

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