Our Process

Game controller


By aligning with your stakeholders, we seek to understand your process challenges and recommend a research strategy specific to your needs.

Test tube


We recruit our participants specifically to fit your criteria while conducting research on your game in unison with your stakeholders and their requirements.

Confirmation Check


We develop a comprehensive report of our findings as well as key action items to ensure the success of your game at any stage in the development cycle.


The Services You Look For


What better way to learn about your users than by asking some simple questions?

  • Rank potential game features
  • Understand gamers of a specific segment
  • Lay foundational research for game development

UsabiliTy Testing

Make sure that critical feature you developed works as you know it should.

  • Best used before final launch
  • Make sure all buttons and functionalities work
  • Screen for bugs and/or in game glitches

In Person Interviews

Get your gamers in the door and watch how they play your game with your own eyes.

  • Early prototype friendly
  • Exploratory interview on gaming behaviour
  • Opportunity to dig deep on specific questions

Remote Interviews

No time to coordinate in person interviews?  We can conduct remote interviews and send you the videos!

  • Quick feedback on gaming betas
  • Large, global sample pool
  • Mobile, desktop, console compatible

Journal Studies

Have your gamers record their thoughts while the memory of your game is fresh in their minds.

  • Natural gaming provides quality feedback
  • Info at key points (onboarding, big boss battle)
  • Legible notes for review

Ethnographic Research

Have an innovative idea and want to see how it would work in the real gaming world?

  • Research on gamers in their environment
  • Test out social features
  • Push the boundaries of what is possible